Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am not able to see any Deals on the site?

Please refresh the page and click on "Share your Location" button at the top of the site. If the problem still persists then there is a possibility that we do not have any deals in your location at this point in time. You can visit again to check new offers.

2. Why should I register to this site?

You should register to get Best Deals in your city and that too Free of Cost.

3. How to register?

You can click on Sign-up at the top of website and after filling a small form you can enjoy all the deals free.

4. How will registering to this site help me?

After registering you will be able to use all the Deals free of Cost.

5. Why should I provide my detailed personal information while registering?

Let us first promise you that your Personal Information is safe with us and we will not share it with anyone else. We take all this information to give you best of the experience possible on our website, we will filter all the information according to your profile and provide you only the contextual information.

6. What should I do after registering to this site?

You can view all the Deals present on our platform and you can enjoy them Free of Cost.

7. Is there any charge to get Coupon for a deal?

No all the Deals are absolutely Free Of Cost.

8. How to find deals in locations which are different from my current location?

You can search any city on the Map provided on the website and then you will be able to see the Deals in that Location.

9. How can I Download the Application?

You can Download the Application on any of the Platform by simply visiting your App store and searching for "uahoy" and "uwin". The application can be Downloaded Free of Cost from any Appstore.

10. I did not receive SMS with the coupon code, what should I do?

If DND is activated on your number then the coupon will not be delivered. You can download the Application and get the Coupon from there.

11. How to redeem the coupon?

You just need to visit the Retailer and show your coupon to get the Deal.